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"There is no shortage of vocal coaches who can teach your child proper singing technique, but finding a coach with a solid technical foundation who is also an extraordinary artist is a gift. My daughters have had the privilege of studying with Meredith Borden for years, and I have seen a transformation in their singing and performing abilities that transcends technique. Meredith is an expert at vocal technique. Make no mistake about it. But what sets her apart is a deep, holistic understanding of what it means to become an artist. Every lesson with her is a master class in the art of singing AND performing. Her lessons are at once rigorous and liberating. Meredith has prepared my daughters for many auditions over the years and the directors of these productions often comment on their solid vocal technique and expressive singing style. My daughter studied music at Harvard and her professor commented on her "great vocal training." My other daughter is performing in a regional production of School of Rock this summer and the music director said, "You obviously have a great vocal coach." Meredith is great because she coaches AND she inspires students to be the best artist they can be. My children have thrived artistically with Meredith and so will yours!"
-Laura Rivera, parent, Hanover, MA

"My daughter, Neve, began taking vocal lessons with Meredith at 11 years old.  Neve has continued with lessons for just under two years to date.  Neve has had a tremendous experience with Meredith.  She has grown in her vocal abilities, her vocal strength and range.  She has grown in her confidence and skill at performing.  And, most importantly, my daughter has
loved going to her lessons with Meredith from day one.  When asked if she wants to continue, there is no hesitation.  She loves working with Meredith.  This is testimony to not only Meredith’s skill as a vocal artist and teacher, but also at her ability to create a supportive, inspiring, and fun environment for her students.  I highly recommend Meredith as a vocal instructor."

-Susan Treichel, parent
Braintree, MA
"Meredith Borden has created such a positive and meaningful vocal learning experience for my two daughters, I highly recommend her to anyone interested in vocal training. Meredith has an innate gift of connecting with her students, recognizing their strengths and bringing out the very best in them. Not only does she teach my daughters how to improve their vocal abilities, she gives them the confidence to grow as young performers. She recently gave them expert advice on how to prepare for auditions. I am pleased to say that both girls have been cast in the roles they auditioned for! If you are considering Meredith as your vocal instructor I recommend her with enthusiasm and pleasure."

-Linda Hayes, parent
Norwell, MA

"My summer lessons with Meredith were a milestone for me. Her holistic approach to singing got me in touch with the physiology, artistry, and soul of my voice. And it gave me the confidence to solo in public for the first time. Meredith is more than a teacher; she's a guru!"

- Cathy Kang, adult student

"I took vocal lessons with Meredith and her skilled, knowledgable and patient approach brought me to a level of vocal ability I could only have dreamed of. I highly recommend!"

- Glenn Kuturoff, adult student, North Caldwell, NJ

"I had the opportunity to work with Meredith to enhance my singing voice and was totally impressed with her skill and ability. She was enjoyable to work with and I found myself quite happy after each session. Thank you Meredith!"

-Sandy Barich, adult student, Hoboken, NJ

Our daughter Parker has been taking piano and voice from Meredith for nearly two years now.  Parker loves learning from Meredith because she makes learning fun.  Meredith knows how to nurture a developing interest in music in a young student."

- Jim Schoenbeck, parent, Jersey City, NJ

"You are a great teacher and mentor! You are not just a great singing teacher, you are a great person. Heartwarming, talented and kind. I don't think I could have a better teacher than you!"

- Kate Skowronski, young artist

Recording of Meredith's student, Kate Skowronski, singing Heart's Barracuda:

"Thank you just doesn't seem enough for a fabulous year of singing! You are one fantastic singing instructor, actor, singer and fabulous lady. Kate looked forward to each and every, and it shows with all the improvement she has accomplished."

- Ellen Skowronski, parent

"Meredith's highly spirited approach has helped me to open my upper range, strengthen my lower notes and put more heart into all of it. She really personalizes her approach based on the individual student."

- Mike iLL (vocalist, performing artist, writer & composer) Mad haPPy

“Meredith is a compassionate, thorough, & attentive vocal teacher who is extremely keen on bringing out and celebrating the natural source & truth of my personal voice.  I am very grateful to have her as a coach!”

Stephania Lubachevsky (dancer, singer, solo performance artist)

“Meredith Borden has been my vocal coach for over a year and she has helped me so much! She has taught me to always be confident and so much more!”

Aliana Kilmer-Setrakian (vocalist, young artist)

Music clips

Recording excerpts from Meredith Borden's repertoire of styles:

Rock Style
(Willie McBlind's "Train")

Blues Feature Vocal Style
(Willie McBlind's "Love In Vain"

Progressive Rock Style
(Jon Catler's "Nomads" from Evolution for Electric Guitar and Orchestra)

Music Theatre Style
(Elodie Lauten's "Lunchtime" from Waking in New York)

Classical Style
(Bach's "Jauchzet Gott in Allen Landen")

Microtonal Style
("Preludio a Colon" by Carrillo for soprano and ensemble)

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